Rivendell was recently appointed by New Work Trust to supply and fit safety flooring in a new commercial kitchen they were about to lease. The work needed to be done out of usual working hours to avoid disrupting other occupiers in the property and within a set time frame so that the new tenants could move in.  

Our team of specialist fitters have a lot of experience working with safety flooring, understanding the challenges that come with such projects, overcoming issues that arose during the project and ensuring an exceptional finish.

About the property

New Work Trust are a not-for-profit organisation providing great value accommodation to start-ups, scale ups and SMEs. They have been successfully delivering a range of support services to businesses over the last 40 years.

We were delighted to secure the job and work with this fantastic company.

The job: Step by Step

Step One: The scope of the project included removal the existing floor which involved copper sanding layers of old, well worn paintwork, a lengthy process but absolutely necessary to ensure a good finish. The team then smoothed and filled any gaps, ensuring a sound base before coating.

Step Two: Using Stopgap 1200 Latex, the team coated the newly smoothed floor.


Step Three: Once the area had been prepared, the team lay Altro Walkway safety vinyl. This hard-wearing, anti-slip safety flooring is renowned for its durability, excellent for commercial areas where there is going to be high or heavy foot fall, where there is a risk of spillages or the use of ingredients that would normally create a slippery film on the floor.

Safety flooring is also easy to clean, does not absorb spillages and is resistant to bacteria and germs. Essential qualities for kitchens.



Challenges and Solutions

A notable challenge associated with this project was the pressing time constraints. To mitigate disruptions to the sites daily operations, we scheduled our work outside of regular hours, thereby ensuring seamless progress while accommodating the needs to the other site users. 

The project was finished to a high standard, allowing the new customer to move in shortly after work was completed.

We understand that our client’s needs, timescales and flexibility can be challenging when they have forward commitments to their own customers. Fortunately, we are adept at fitting around our client’s requirements and our skilled team know exactly what they must do to complete the job on time and on spec.