Treat your home and yourself with a new carpet

Carpet is a warm, versatile flooring option that is a popular choice in UK homes as well as in many commercial buildings. A new carpet can bring a touch of luxury to a bedroom, elegance to a living room and a warm welcome to an entrance hall.

When choosing a new carpet the first things that spring to mind are generally colour and design. Whilst both are important there is more to consider. Much of the versatility that carpet offers comes from the choice of materials and textures.

A choice of fibres to suit you and your budget

The premium fibre for carpet is wool. It is soft, retains its appearance, long-lasting as well as having sound and heat insulation properties. In addition to this it is naturally flame retardant and sustainably sourced. As you would expect, with all of these benefits, it tends to be more expensive than other fibres available.

The alternatives are man-made: nylon, polyester and polypropylene. These can be a good value option particularly for high traffic areas or those more likely to get damaged such as children’s bedrooms. Synthetics are all stain resistant and durable and like wool are insulating.

The third option is to choose a blended carpet, in most cases a mixture of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. This gives you the optimum qualities of both types of fibre.

“ thank you for the fantastic job your company made of carpeting my entire house in a beige wool carpet”

Choosing the right texture

In addition to a range of fibres, there are a variety of different textured finishes available. Different finishes will be more appropriate for particular rooms. The main options are:

Twist – Made from twisted cut fibres that lend themselves to most rooms that will take carpet in the house. They are less likely to show marks than other finishes and are hard-wearing.

Loop – Made from uncut loops of yarn that can be flat or textured. They tend to have a rugged look and hold their shape well. Loop may not be a good idea if you have pets though, as the loops can get caught in their claws.

Velvet – This is a cut pile like twist, but offers a more luxurious finish.

Saxony – Again a more luxurious option. It has a deeper pile, giving a cosy feel that people often appreciate in bedrooms where they walk in bare feet.

The benefits of choosing carpet

  • Comfy and warm under foot.
  • Offers a huge range of options with various fibres, colours, patterns, and textures.
  • Provides heat and sound insulation.
  • You can pick a carpet to match most budgets.
  • Non-slip.

Which rooms are most suitable for carpet?

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms

Carpet is suitable for most rooms in the house with the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom, where it would be likely to come into frequent contact with moisture and spillages.

However, different types of carpet will suit different rooms better. So for instance you are likely to want a thicker pile carpet in the bedroom where it will feel luxurious on bare feet as you climb in and out of bed. But this would not be appropriate for a staircase or by the front door where frequent footfall will leave it looking flat and prone to gathering dirt.

A helping hand from Rivendell

Rivendell will make carpet buying simple for you. We can arrange a home visit at your convenience bringing samples so you can see exactly how each carpet will look in your home and with your existing décor, furniture and lighting.

We can measure up at the same time to provide you with a precise, no-obligation quotation. We guarantee this will be with you within 48hr for residential customers.

But more than that we can talk you through all the different options so that you get exactly the right type of carpet for your needs.

We pride ourselves on our aftersales service too, so should any problems arise we will be here to assist you.

A wide choice of manufacturers

Rivendell can supply and fit carpet from the following trusted suppliers:

Westex                                               Victoria

Desso                                                 Brockway

Adams Carpets                                 Gaskells

JHS                                                       Jacaranda

Cormar                                               Alternative

Crucial Trading

Want the right carpet for you? Speak to our friendly team

If you are looking for new carpet in your home call Rivendell today! We will:

  • Help you choose the best carpet for you
  • Bring samples to your home so you can see what it looks like before you purchase
  • Provide an accurate, no-obligation quotation within 48 hours
  • Supply and fit the carpet you choose with our hassle free, no mess, friendly service.

We can help customers in Bristol and the surrounding area. Call us today on 01179 637979 to arrange an appointment with one of our carpeting team.