Luxury Carpet Collections from Elements London

Elements London have a unique range of luxury domestic and commercial carpets which you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

Their collections are inspired by experiences, travels and the imagination from around the globe so that every pattern, colour and design evokes a mood, emotion or memory of a location.

For example, the Africa collection is a fusion of colours that reflect the African continent and the wildlife there with both a flamboyant and elegant look and feel to the carpet. Whilst the Manhattan collection is designed to evoke grandeur and a sense of Broadway luxury and stylishness.

A Passion to Innovate

The Elements London team see themselves as designers and craftspeople. They strive to create materials that are high-performance, super soft, eco-friendly and hard-wearing, using colours and patterns to produce unique carpets that are innovative.

Wool from New Zealand

The wools they use come from the 100% grower-owned company in New Zealand, providing ethical and sustainable wool. The wool is grown specially and carefully to create the perfect fibre, whilst the company is a member of the Laneve integrity programme which ensures excellence in land management, animal welfare and social responsibility.

Teksilk – Soft Yet Tough

Teksilk is used across 8 of the Elements collections and comes in 80 colours. It is silky-soft but as tough as Teflon. By using it, a carpet can be beautiful and soft for a bedroom or domestic living area and yet resilient enough for the footfall of commercial areas like a hotel or conference centre.

Teksilk is used in conjunction with Ceneva, the new eco-friendly backing for carpet backing.

Ceneva – A New Type of Backing

A world first, Ceneva is a carpet backing that does not contain the carbon-based chemical, styrene-butadiene. By using a compound based on vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) instead, the production process causes much less damage to the environment.

Ceneva also has the additional benefits of being far less flammable than standard carpet backing whilst VAE means that the carpet doesn’t have that ‘new carpet’ smell.

For further information about Elements London visit their website:

What Inspiring Location Do You Want to Replicate?

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