Want Beautiful British Made Wool Carpets in Your Home?

At Rivendell we love Cormar carpets. They come in a wide range of gorgeous colours and textures that just look and feel good quality. We think they add a bit of luxury to any home.

For the main living areas where you want to impress but need some comfort, there are a variety of 100% wool Cormar ranges:

Wool Twist Carpet

By using tightly twisted yarns in a cut pile construction a slightly textured twist pile surface is obtained. These wool rich twist pile ranges, popular because of their durability and resilience, are available in Heather or Plain colours.

Wool Texture Carpet

Textured wool loop pile ranges can make the floor a real feature, adding the contemporary look of a modern flooring, but with the warmth and comfort of wool.

Classic Value Carpet

Offering good value for money in a variety of colours. Cormar produce Easy Clean twist pile carpets (such as The Primo Collection), as well as wool twist pile and axony carpets all at affordable prices.

For areas needing something more hard wearing such as children’s bedrooms and play rooms they offer:

Easy Clean Carpet

To cope with everyday household spills, the Primo Collection is available in several choices, for all areas of the home. By using Excellon Stain Resistant PP, all the Primo ranges are bleach cleanable and resist most stains including tea, coffee, wine and even oil, ink and crayon.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Cormar is one of our most popular products and Rivendell can offer competitive prices across the range. Why not email or call us today on 01179 637979 to arrange a free home visit for a no-obligation quote including delivery and fitting.