Singing Praise of a Continued Relationship with Bristol Beacon

First impressions are important for any commercial premises, but perhaps none more so than an event venue. Not only should the obvious be considered – aesthetics – but the practical properties of your venue flooring are important to ensure the safety of all those who pass through the doors.

And that’s exactly where Rivendell come in. Providing an exclusive consultation service we can share with you more than 25 years’ experience ensuring the installation of the most suited flooring for you and your business.

This service has become testament to the long-standing relationships we have with many of our clients including Bristol Beacon.

What is Bristol Beacon?

Bristol Beacon Bathroom Flooring Presenting concerts and entertainment since 1867, Bristol Beacon is Bristol’s largest concert hall. Hosting music from the likes of Emile Sande, and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra you’ll find major names in rock, pop, jazz, folk, and classic musical walking through its doors.

The building itself is one of mixed architecture including its imposing and icon foyer; a striking addition to Bristol’s skyline.

With significant numbers of footfall across a particularly large premises, Bristol Beacon have, over the years, continued to work with Rivendell to re-fresh their flooring.

A Long-Standing Relationship

The Rivendell team first started working with Bristol Beacon in 2009 and have since fitted more than 2000 metres of flooring from the toilets and stairs to the bar and the box office.

Whilst many of their flooring requirements have been a like-for-like replacement to what they had before in order to suit the interior design, our guidance and expertise has certainly aided these decisions along the way.

A recent challenge was presented to us regarding the flooring in the toilets being hard to clean. Suggesting and installing a vinyl laminated option, in a circular pattern, now ensures that day-to-day cleaning is much easier.

With as many as 2067 people watching a show at any given time it was also crucial that this fitting didn’t interrupt business. The team worked around the venue’s schedule and our fitters ensured that everything was left tidy to ensure the show went on!

A Kind Word From Bristol Beacon Main Stairway at Bristol Beacon

“We use Rivendell time and time again because of their consistency, they are competitive on price, offer faultless customer service, and always deliver on time.

“The working relationship we have with the Rivendell team is excellent. Their dedicated approach means the job always gets done on time and to a high standard.

“Rivendell always meet our requirements for timing and that’s crucial for our business. As we are a busy venue with shows nearly every night there’s only so much space to squeeze maintenance work in.

“We always use Rivendell for all of our flooring projects. They’re tidy, reliable and they work well with our team. I’d recommend them to any venue who has a flooring requirement but doesn’t want to shut up shop for long periods of time to accommodate for it.”

-Claire Weston, Technical Services Coordinator at Bristol Beacon


Commercial Flooring for Your Venue

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