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wooden flooringHere at Rivendell we help hundreds of customers each year serving both the domestic and commercial markets. As with any consumer goods the trends and buying choices of customers for flooring are constantly changing.

The technology behind the production of carpets, vinyl or wood flooring is also continuously being improved and tweaked. Manufacturers are constantly researching how they might make a flooring more resistant, easy to maintain or produced in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst colour palettes and style of flooring also evolves each year with culture and fashion.

So, here are just some of the changes and innovations we believe we will see more of in the flooring market as we go into 2020.

1. LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles New and Improved

Click technology came in a few years ago and revolutionised how easily a floor could be laid even by a non-professional. However, some of the older tiles are showing signs of warping in sunlight over time. The latest vinyl tile technology promises to be more stable and therefore more durable and longer lasting. For example Amtico and Harvey Maria have ranges of luxury vinyl that come with a warranty of 20 years, ensuring that their flooring really is built to withstand footfall and sunlight whilst still offering beautiful, modern designs.

2. Waterproof Options in Wood and Vinyl

2020 will see more waterproof flooring options especially in vinyl and laminate.  Waterproofing really helps ease cleaning and maintenance of a floor and therefore increases its durability. Manufacturers like Karndean and Moduleo, have water resistant and waterproof vinyl options.

For wood flooring most finishes such as lacquering, varnishing or with oil give varying amounts of water resistance. But we believe a new trend in wood flooring is taking hold which is to make it fully waterproof by using polyurethane or resin. This way spillages can be wiped up easily and are very unlikely to make a mark on the wood.

3. Carpet Fibre Technology Continually Improving

carpet- tying on the warpEven carpet in 2020 will see continued improvement in the technology of its fibres, making them ever more durable and longer lasting and a great solution for high traffic areas.

Elements of London, Jacaranda and Cormar all offer beautifully made carpet with natural or synthetic fibres offering long lasting flooring options for all needs.

There are also a few brands now offering waterproof carpets – making this a convenient and comfortable option for those that want carpet in their kitchen or bathroom.

4. Natural Colours are Growing in Popularity

For the past few years grey has been the ‘in’ colour for walls, flooring and fixtures but here at Rivendell we are seeing this trend change and foresee this continuing in 2020 as grey makes way for a more natural and organic colour palette.

5. Less Polished – More Natural

white washed wooden flooringIt’s already started, but 2020 will continue to see a rise in demand for flooring that has an organic and natural look about it. Whether that be vinyl flooring that looks like stone or wood – or at the luxury end even has texture built into it.

Flawless is out and the not so polished is in, with antique-looking, distressed or whitewashed flooring making a comeback.

6. Using Angles and Different Width Flooring

For those wanting to make more of a style statement, 2020 will see more flooring laid at an angle. Laying wood strips diagonally across a room creates a feature of the floor giving it a unique flair.

Similarly, there is a growing trend to use mixed widths of planks of wood or vinyl that looks like wood. This makes the flooring look truly stunning.

7. Increasing Demand for Flooring with Green Credentials

diagonal flooringAs we continue to try and be more eco-friendly in our homes and offices, it begins to have a knock-on effect to our choices of furniture and flooring. 2020 will continue to see a rise in both domestic and commercial customers looking to buy more environmentally friendly flooring options.

Manufacturers such as Alternative Flooring have carpets made from natural materials such as 100% wool, grass, or coconut husks. Whilst Woodpecker offer bamboo wood flooring – which they say is one of the most sustainable materials you will come across.

8. Buying British Made

Along with being more eco-aware about the types of product we buy, we are also increasingly wanting to buy and support British businesses by shopping more locally. In terms of flooring this means buying British Made products to keep the manufacture air miles to a minimum. Companies such as Amtico manufacture 95% of their products in the UK,

Stunning & Stylish Flooring with Rivendell

Whatever flooring you are thinking of having in your home or office in 2020, whether you want a classical, chic or ultra-modern style, give the team at Rivendell a call. We provide flooring consultations at your home or workplace and we promise to give you a quote within 48 hours. Call us on 0117 963 7979.

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