5 Ways to Transform Your Hallway

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Are you fed up with dull, dingy hallways?

If so, then you shouldn’t have to suffer any longer. We believe your hallway deserves to be a stylish room in its own right; after all these are the first glimpses anyone will see of your home. So rather than arriving home to a dark and drab hallway the team at Rivendell have compiled 5 top tips to ensure a welcoming atmosphere every time you step through the front door.

Avebury Stripe Stripes are back… again

We’d say that stripes have achieved the coveted timeless status and despite being spot on trend and high in demand this spring, will never really go out of fashion. So be brave and inject some colour and personality into your home and give a fantastic first impression to all your house guests.

It doesn’t only look great, there are in fact more than a handful of practical benefits of stripy carpets. Looking great for years to come, these patterned carpets are more often than not used to aid the dimensions of a room, particularly on stairs to draw the eye up for an illusion of increased space. Wide stripes will again really open up a room; they are great in areas of high footfall opposed to plain carpets; and just in case you incur a hideous stain they’re much better at hiding it.

When it comes to stripes the colours and designs really are endless.

The Wonders of White

A small hallway demands light, bright colours. Dark walls and even darker floors will only make it appear smaller. It’s kind of basic right? But yet so many people neglect to brighten up their hallways.

We suggest you even try teaming your hallway with reflective or shimmering metallic accessories such as photo frames, vases, lamp shades and mirrors to really maximise on light and increase the feeling of space. Don’t forget to think about natural light too and avoid choosing heavy curtains or unnecessary blinds which will shut out the sun.

Featured Staircases

Featured staircases are especially effective for small and confined hallways. As we mentioned in our previous post, white and neutral colours are best to increase the illusion of space. However this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on injecting a spot of colour or a fantastic pattern in your home.

Take a look at this fantastic wallpapered staircase in its otherwise white surround. Don’t those rustic wooden floors create a fantastic homely feel too?

Compromise with Monochrome

For a striking hallway design that doesn’t compromise light or jeopardise the illusion of space we suggest you opt for monochrome.

Take a look at this fantasticMonochrome Hallways Signature range from Amtico: an exclusive collection of wood, stone and abstract designs that can be combined to create a unique floor.

If you are worried about a harsh masculine look often created by black and white combinations, we’d suggest accompanying your hallway floor with shaped and curvy detailed furniture to create a soft elegant look.

It’s Not All about Design

When investing in a fantastic new floor you need to remember that design isn’t always everything. Don’t forget that your hallway will undoubtedly encounter a huge amount of footfall and you therefore want to purchase something that is hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Look out for carpets, vinyl and wooden floors that are easy to care for, resist moisture, have pet friendly options and even those that might just hide dirt a little better!

For More Help and Information

If you are looking to transform your hallway and stairs and want some help & advice then give the team at Rivendell a call on 0117 963 9797 and arrange a convenient, no obligation Home Consultation


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