A Passion for Flooring

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We have just returned from a very interesting talk over at Ashton Gate Stadium, just round the corner.

We were there learn how to let more people know about how great our ‘shopping from experience’ is. Being able to choose flooring samples from the convenience of your own home is definitely something worth shouting about.

The main highlight of the morning was the keynote speaker – Wayne Hemingway MBE, founder of Red or Dead. It was wonderful to hear how he setup a small stall in Camden in a desperate attempt to earn some cash to cover his rent. This developed over time into a hig1hly successful business. He developed it through a love of fashion and through a really strong sense of what he believed in ‘getting designer fashion to the masses’ and an interest in the environment etc, he really made it work.

Essentially if you really believe in what you are doing and are really passionate in the product or service you have to offer that will shine through.

While we might not have 20 or more shops across the world there are many things we love

about working in the world of flooring. We love seeing customers’ faces when they see what is possible with floo2ring. Whether it’s some bamboo flooring which not only looks amazing but is sustainable and environmentally friendly or showing them some gorgeous wool flooring which is the perfect shade tying all those designer details together.

Whether you like fluffy, knobbly, rough or shiny the choice is endless and we are sure to help you find it.


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