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Students wokring on a project together As many of us  begin to wind down from  the Summer holidays and accept that the nights are already drawing in, University students up and down the country are just 2 months in to their potentially four month long Summer break. No, we’re not jealous either.

So, with many preparing to head back to their University cities in time for the October new term, landlords and agents need to ensure that their properties are up to scratch.

From making sure that the property is safe and in working order to ensuring that the carpet and flooring is fit for purpose, we’ve pulled together a simple checklist for landlords to think about before the new term.

Student Lettings

Renting properties to students in University areas is an excellent opportunity for landlords. In the right location, you’ll be sure of high demand and generally longer rental periods as students look to rent for a minimum of 12 months.

However, the demand and competition in student areas is strong and consistent. It is therefore important that you stay ahead of the game, ensure that your property is a great place to live, and that as a landlord you’re providing fully for your tenants needs.

But, as possibly expected, properties let to students tend to suffer more wear and tear than the average tenancy. It will therefore be likely that you’ll have to undertake more maintenance in-between tenancy agreements compared to the average rental.

Preparing for New Tenants this Summer

The gap between one set of tenants moving out and the others moving in is often short. It is therefore important to get as much done in this period as you possibly can.

So whether you’re letting your property to a house full of freshers or a group of mature PHD students, take a look at a few of our top tips and ensure a good landlord-tenant relationship.

A Detailed Inventory

Providing legal security for both parties, ensure that you carry out a detailed inventory at the start and end of every new tenancy.

Occasionally referred to as a Schedule of Condition the form will act as a reminder of the condition of the property, its fixtures, and fittings. In addition, running through the process will further inform you of the necessary repairs prior to the arrival of new tenants.

Don’t forget to include photographs to support the document with visual evidence.

Household Bills

Remember that during any void periods in the tenancy you, the landlord, are responsible for council tax and any household bills.

Make sure that you inform the energy providers and local council of the names of the new tenants and the date in which their tenancy begins to ensure you aren’t footed Beautiful cream carpet in a hallwaywith any unnecessary statements.

Health & Safety 

Whether you are renting to students, professionals, or families you must adhere to your legal landlord obligations. Whilst you will need to ensure these checks are carried out regularly throughout the tenancy, it’s a good idea to check them out before the arrival of new tenants.

  • Gas Safety – A landlord must make sure that all gas equipment supplied is safely installed and maintained by a gas safe registered engineer.
  • Electrical Safety – Ensure all electrical systems and appliances are safe to use.
  • Fire Safety – It is a landlords responsibility to provide a smoke alarm on each storey and a carbon monoxide alarm in all rooms with a useable fireplace. You will also need to ensure that furniture and furnishings supplied are fire safe.

Floors & Furnishings

There are currently no legal obligations stating that landlords must regularly update flooring or furniture. Instead, they legally require updating only when a health hazard is identified.

Having run through your inventory, and as such the entire property, you may have discovered exactly this; that your flooring or furnishings need upgrading.

Rivendell have always delivered an outstanding service and a competitive price. They are truly experts in flooring, so we find their advice invaluable to the decision making process”.

Read more of our testimonials here

 As one of the most used “items” in a rental property, selecting the right flooring materials with a student demographic in mind will protect your property and ensure that your investments are long-lasting.

You’ll want to opt for a durable yet stylish flooring where hard-wearing and stain resistant properties are in play. At Rivendell we work with many landlords across Bristol and Bath to provide exactly that. So why not take a look at one of our latest projects where we provided our commercial flooring services to Jackson Property Management?  

That Extra Touch

Why not go one step further and ensure a great relationship with your tenants?

Welcome packs are a great way to introduce and sell your tenants to their new area. Why not pull one together to leave out for them? It could include all of the necessary documents,

contact numbers and tenant responsibilities as well as a collection of take away menus, fun things to do in the area, and a good luck card.

More Help & Information

At Rivendell we work with many landlords and agents operating in the student market and therefore have a great understanding of the specific issues that may arise. Working within relatively short periods out of term time, we can ensure that your new flooring is laid with minimal fuss, within budget, and on time.

If you’re looking to replace the flooring in your rental property give the team a call on 0117 963 7979 and we’ll be happy to help.

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