Carpet Tiles – Say Hello To The New Face Of Interior Design

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Carpet Tiles Colour ChoicesFor years, carpet tiles have been one of the most popular flooring choices with our commercial clients, particularly offices, schools, public places and retail centres looking for a durable, versatile flooring that can match the décor of any room.

However, we have recently seen an increase in the number of clients requesting carpet tiles, not just for their functionality – but for the huge range of colours and styles available that make them an interior designer’s best friend.

Find out more about the rise in the trend of carpet tiles, the advantages of this product and our top design tips for incorporating them into your domestic or commercial premises.

Key Advantages Of Carpet Tiles

There are a number of reasons that carpet tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice with our clients, here are a few of the key advantages of carpet tiles:

Style Options – Whether it’s a minimalistic, elegant look or a bright, bold and friendly one you are looking to achieve, there are hundreds of style and colour variations of carpet tiles to make it happen.

Durability – Durability is what has always made carpet tiles a popular choice in communal areas such as event halls and reception entrances, in addition to their durability, they also offer reasonable heat and sound insulation. 

Ease Of Cleaning Or Replacement – In high traffic areas, one of the biggest advantages of carpet tiles is ease of replacement. Should one carpet tile be damaged, it can easily be removed and cleaned or replaced without the need to replace the entire floor. 

Cost – Whilst the initial price for carpet tiles is not dissimilar to that of traditional carpets, carpet tiles can be a cost effective solution when flooring an awkwardly shaped room as tiles can be purchased individually as opposed to buying a whole roll of carpet.

Top Design Tips For Using Carpet Tiles

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to incorporating carpet tiles into the design of your room, here are a few of our top tips with examples of beautiful designs made with carpet tiles:

Embrace Patchwork – The carpet tiles you use don’t all have to the same, you can mix and match colours and styles to create amazing patterns, these can be perfect for creative studios, schools and in the home.

Look For Different Textures – As well as the numerous different colours that are available, carpet tiles can incorporate different textures to add a new dimension to your space. The example below shows a wonderful use of different textures to create a dreamy, relaxing space that would be ideal for a ‘chill out’ office zone or lobby waiting room.

Create ‘Zones’ – Using different colours and textures is a stylish way to create ‘zones’ in your premises, this could be ideal for large offices that have different departments operating within them. In domestic properties, try ‘defining’ a prominent feature of your home such as the table or seating area.

Consider A Checkboard Pattern – These basic yet vibrant patterns are great for bringing a space such as a child’s room or playroom to life.

Alternate Stripes and Solids – The thought of this might disturb the perfectionist inside of you, but the subtle difference with the right colour choice can create a stunning visual effect and will make a perfect centrepiece to your room. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Different Shapes – It doesn’t just have to be squares, carpet tiles are available in circles, skinny rectangles, triangles, hexagons and just about any other shape.

The Modulyss Carpet Tile Range

Modulyss have been one of our most recent favoured suppliers of carpet tiles, they have a huge range of options designed to suit any premises, which we are able to supply and install. Take a look at the unveiling of their latest carpet tile range in the video below:

Ready To Embrace The Carpet Tile Trend?

As you can see, the days of carpet tiles used purely for their durability and flexibility are over. To find out more about installing carpet tiles in your commercial or domestic property, or to request a sample of our huge range of tiles just give one of our friendly team a call today on 01179 637979 or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. 

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