Choosing the Right Flooring for Hotels and B&B’s

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The perfect flooring for your hotel or B&B has to be several things; durable, safe, attractive but most of all, cost-effective. With high levels of footfall (including luggage) every single day, the floor needs to be appropriate and safe for its job but still provide that wow factor that keeps people staying with you time and time again.

There are benefits and limitations to every type of floor which will be dependent on what you are trying to achieve with your hotel or B&B. Bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors and dining areas will all need different considerations.

The Benefits of Choosing Carpet

Particularly in bedrooms and corridors, the most popular type of flooring seen in hotels and B&B’s is carpet. Along with the obvious extensive choice of colours, patterns and textures, there are many other reasons for this;

  • Soundproofing – along with a high-quality underlay, carpet is one of the most soundproofed floor types. With potentially hundreds of people opening and closing doors, moving bags and moving about all in the same building, soundproofing is a necessity as noise levels will make or break a hotel or B&B experience.
  • Warm and comfortable – there’s nothing worse than waking up and putting your feet onto a cold and hard floor in the morning. Carpets and rugs will always be a preference, particularly around the bed area.

As well as the practical benefits, whether you are looking for a traditional design or something more modern and contemporary, we use a wide range of suppliers such as Desso, Victoria and Adams Carpets to give you a full choice of styles to match the rest of your hotel or B&B.

Have a look at the carpets we fitted for a luxury B&B in Bath recently, using Cavalier carpets in grey tones for the stairs and bedrooms: B&B Carpets Case Study.


Hotel room with carpet flooring


Wood Flooring Options

Wooden flooring is timeless, durable and visually appealing. Solid wood flooring, particularly dark wood, is seen as very luxurious, due to its cost in comparison to carpet or vinyl. This would be a good choice for your entrance and reception areas for a great first impression for guests. Read our blog about making an entrance to see all the different ways you could use this timeless style in the reception of your hotel or B&B.

However, for hotel and B&B bedrooms, solid wood floors are not always the most suitable choice. Even with a good underlay, the noise will still travel. With bags dropping, heels clacking and heavy footfall all throughout the day and night, the sound will travel to other rooms. Also, it is easy to scratch with the movement of furniture or even just a faulty wheel on a suitcase.

To combat these disadvantages, we recommend laminate wood. Whilst is it not as luxury as solid wood flooring, it does offer greater stability, is scratch resistant and a lot easier to clean. It also comes as a much more competitive price.

Hotel room


The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

The benefits of vinyl can often go unseen but there are numerous advantages to this flooring that could really help your hotel or B&B. The durable, hardwearing and extremely affordable floor comes in so many styles, patterns and colours to perfectly match the theme of your accommodation.

Due to the affordable price, you can most commonly find vinyl in hostels or low budget hotels.

One of the best things about a vinyl floor, besides the fact it is extremely hygienic and very easy to clean, it that it’s really easy to fix if it’s gets damaged. Although it is usually scratch resident, sometimes flooring getting damaged is unavoidable. However, if an area of vinyl gets damaged, it is really easy to just take out the damaged section and replace it with a new matching bit. No need to redo the entire room.

With the limitless design possibilities of vinyl, you can mimic more costly designs such as wood, stone or tiles to still get an appealing look in your rooms for half the price. At Rivendell we can supply vinyl flooring from a wide range of leading manufacturers including: Polyflor, Karndean, Moduleo, Forbo, Amtico and Altro.

Vinyl floor in hotel room


What is the Right Flooring Option for Your Hotel or B&B?

Ultimately, it depends on the type of hotel and your budget. Carpet is always a standard choice for most hotel rooms because of its cosy aesthetics and affordable price. Solid wood does have its fall backs but screams luxury and expensive. Vinyl is perfect for those that aren’t necessarily trying to impress higher paying guests but is the perfect budget option. Vinyl is also the perfect option for those back of house areas.

With over 25 years of experience, our team at Rivendell are here on hand to help you through these all important decisions and get you the hotel flooring you love. Give us a call on 01179 637979 or drop us an email today to talk it through with us.

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