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We have said it before and we’ll say it again, but at Rivendell we truly believe in doing our bit for the planet. Whether you recycle, take shorter showers, go paperless, or help the planet in other ways every little bit counts and it’s really rather important.Eco-Friendly Flooring from Rivendell Bristol

At our office we exercise a strict recycling policy as well as making sure we dispose of old flooring when fitting carpets, vinyl or wooden floors in all our clients homes. We’re even members of a number of environmental organisations such as the Woodland Trust and Children’s Scrap Store.

With all of this in mind, why not go one step further and make your home eco-friendly too? This month, our MD Mandy has been sampling some very special and equally beautiful environmentally friendly carpets made from plastic bottles. Yes, that’s right recycled plastic bottles.

Introducing the Manx Eco Collection

The Manx eco collection offers attractive and practical solutions for all your interior design needs whilst ensuring that the future of flooring is greener (not in colour!) for us all. Plastic bottles, which are made from a high quality resin called P.E.T must be met by FDA standards in order to be considered food grade. As a result the P.E.T carpets possess fibres which resist absorbing stains. Therefore not only will your new floor look fantastic but as a highly durable product it will continue to look great for years to come.

Once thousands of plastic bottles are reclaimed and processed we are left with stunning, and beautiful carpets. The eco collection from Manx are both textured and flexible and as a result are ideal for any home, whether you are looking for a traditional or modern interior. The collection is available in a range of natural hues including the samples below:

manx - eco collection - bonnet 214                      manx - eco collection - chamois 217                      manx - eco collection - tweed

Even More Reasons To Go Green

These aren’t the only manufacturers who believe in creating an eco-collection. In fact, we have fitted many homes with ‘green’ floors over the years as people become more conscious of the ways in which they could do their bit to save the planet.

Take Alternative Flooring for example. Their barefoot collection is 100% natural and is completely hand-woven on traditional looms. The un-dyed wool is woven directly onto a cotton base resulting in a completely handcrafted, unique and beautiful carpet. Have a look for yourselves below:

alternative flooring - barefoot bikram samsara                      alternative flooring - barefoot hatha sanskrit                      alternative flooring - barefoot ashtanga lotus

The shimmer collection from Victoria Carpets is another fantastic solution for those who, like us, are eco conscious. Despite being made with 25% recycled plastic bottles the collection offers understated opulence with a contemporary twist. Due to its particular properties they are both soft and subtle yet high durable.

victoria - shimmer - heaven VS01                      victoria - shimmer - elegant VS02                      victoria - shimmer - chic VS01

More Help and Information

If you’d like to see some samples of all our eco-friendly flooring as well as a further selection of carpet, vinyl and wooden floors give us a call on 0117 963 7979 to arrange a free, no obligation Home Consultation

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