Harvey Maria Vinyl Flooring – Exclusive to Rivendell in South Bristol

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As an established flooring company we are always on the lookout for new flooring brands to ensure the range we offer our customers is as comprehensive as possible. As interior enthusiasts we like to keep on top of what the latest flooring trends are and believe these are as important as the technical aspects of our products, to ensures we deliver exactly what our customers want.

We are very excited to announce that we are the exclusive South Bristol suppliers of the Harvey Maria flooring range. Like us, Harvey Maria believes that beautiful flooring is at the heart of great interior design. Through a range of vinyl flooring, they offer many different styles ranging from classic to contemporary so there are choices to suit all. Find out more about what they can offer below.

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About Harvey Maria

Back in 1994, when Harvey Maria’s business first began, floors were often neglected spaces and an afterthought when designing a room. Harvey Maria wanted to change this and provide new and vibrant vinyl flooring options for the identified gap in the market. They wanted to offer not only innovative design but a quality product with high durability.

With a goal of creating something that would breathe new life into rooms of all types, it didn’t take long for Harvey Maria to gain a reputation for it’s innovative and individual design.

Commercial Flooring Options

Don’t assume the pretty designs of Harvey Maria flooring mean they are not hard wearing. As they say on their own website, they’re “tough as old boots”! You can find their luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and rubber flooring in a range of busy commercial spaces including restaurants, shops, hotels, schools and more.

With a passion for producing vibrant and well-designed flooring for commercial spaces, their eye-catching array of luxury vinyl tile floors are manufactured to high commercial specification, delivering the perfect choice for your workplace. Their flooring ensures durability with commercial warranty and a tough PU slip-resistant surface.

As well as professional patterns and styles pre-made to suit your needs, we can also work closely with Harvey Maria to get you a custom printed floor. You may want to incorporate your brand into the design or perhaps compliment the theme of your room. The possibilities are endless. Working to the specification you provide as well as offering our professional opinion, we will create something that not only looks fantastic but also meets every practical need.

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Residential Floors

With durability being the top feature of Harvey Maria flooring, its fantastic range is perfect for every single room in your home.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Waterproof, easy to clean and slip resistant, are the qualities that make Harvey Maria perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike. With a full range of patterned tiles suitable for bathroom and kitchen floors, you can go bold with the style in these small spaces.

The luxury vinyl and rubber floors that they offer are the perfect combinations of style and function.


First impressions count. Wow, your guests with a warm welcome and showcase your personal style right from the moment they set foot in your house. From patterns and wood effects to little bricks and sparkle, you can make your hallway beautiful and unique.

Living rooms & dining rooms

Harvey Maria Flooring Image 5 - RivendellWhat’s your style? Cosy, modern, vintage? Don’t neglect the floor in the heart of your home whether it’s the space your kids play on in the early hours or the morning, where your family joins together to eat or the space you relax in after a long day at work.

Again, we are certain there is a style of flooring from Harvey Maria to suit your individual taste whether it’s to look like wood, have a bold pattern or a subtle design.


The first thing your feet feel when you wake up and the last thing they touch when you go to sleep. Both practical and beautiful, the Harvey Maria options are perfect for both adult and children’s bedrooms.

Contact Us to Find Out More

If you’d like more information about Harvey Maria or any other brands we work closely with, contact us here and we will happily discuss your options with you as well as provide a non-obligatory free quote should you want it.

New stands are available to view in the studio by appointment only.

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