How To Choose The Best Carpet For Your Staircase (According To Merry)

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When choosing the best carpet for your staircase there are many factors to be considered, including durability, style, safety, and maintenance.

Here are Merry’s Top 5 tips to guide you in selecting the ideal carpet:


Staircases endure heavy foot and paw traffic, so prioritise a carpet that is specifically designed for high-traffic areas. Look for carpets with tightly woven fibres, high-density construction, and durable materials such as nylon or wool. These options offer excellent resilience and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Style and Aesthetic:

Consider the overall style and aesthetic of your home when selecting a carpet for your staircase. Opt for a carpet that compliments your existing interior design, whether it’s a plush, luxurious carpet for an elegant look or a patterned carpet to add visual interest. Keep in mind that neutral colours tend to be more versatile and can adapt to different decor styles over time.


Safety is paramount, especially on staircases. Look for a carpet with a low-pile height or a tight loop construction. This ensures a firm grip on the stairs and reduces the risk of tripping or slipping. Additionally, consider installing a carpet with a slip-resistant backing or using adhesive carpet tapes or treads for added security.


Staircases are prone to dirt, stains, and spills. Choose a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. Carpets with stain-resistant properties or treated fibres are beneficial as they repel liquid and make cleaning spills easier. Additionally, consider the practicality of vacuuming the carpet regularly to keep it looking fresh and free from debris


Determine your budget before starting the search for a carpet. Carpets vary in price based on their materials, construction, and quality. While it’s important to find a carpet that meets your requirements, consider a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness to ensure a satisfactory long-term investment.

By considering these factors, you can choose a carpet that not only enhances the aesthetics of your staircase but also provides durability, safety, and ease of maintenance

The team at Rivendell will not only guide you with choosing the best fit for your home and budget, but also will ensure the carpet is fitted properly, giving you peace of mind and confidence you have made a good decision.

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