How Will Your Flooring Benefit Santa This Christmas?

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Golden christmas giftThis year the Rivendell team can’t wait for Christmas. Whilst we’ll be working hard in the run up to the big day we dream of delicious turkey, mince pies, and a few presents under the tree.

Envisioning what Father Christmas might bring, got us to thinking. Not only are our carpets, vinyl’s, and wooden flooring excellent solutions for your home renovations and décor updates but they can really help the big guy out too. Have a read below to see how your flooring could help Santa out this Christmas and consider upgrading in time for next year.

Cosy Carpets

Carpet is both warm and comfortable and consequently a staple choice for many homes across the country. Not only will they provide you with warmth underfoot throughout the winter months, but a good carpet offers both design and durability.

We know that you’ll initially be drawn to the aesthetics but their practical features are ideal for this time of year and particularly if you’re expecting present delivery on Christmas Eve.

Not only do our carpets provide heat insulation but they offer sound insulation too. What more could you ask for when you want to avoid being woken up by Santa on Christmas Eve? Plus we’re sure he’ll appreciate soft flooring after his long trip.

Luxury Vinyl and Marmoleum

Often lending itself particularly to bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice available in a wide range of styles and designs. Accessible in both sheet and tile, vinyl flooring allows you to mimic considerably more costly designs such as wood, stone, and tiles to give your home the wow factor you desire. You can even opt for textured finishes whether smooth or pebbled.

But more importantly vinyl is designed to last. Both water and slip resistant it is perfect for Santa’s snowy boots. Not only will your floor remain intact and damage free from melted snow and subsequently water, but you’ll avoid any unwanted law suits when Santa slips over and fails to deliver presents to your neighbours.

Marmoleum is another favourite for the team at Rivendell. Not only is it available in a range of fantastic colours, designs, and motifs but it is environmentally friendly and versatile. Just like vinyl flooring, marmoleum is water-resistant and durable. Additionally it couldn’t be easier to clean meaning you won’t spend too long on Christmas morning picking up mince pie crumbs or wiping up those muddy footprints.

Wooden Floors

If you’re looking for timeless quality and elegance for your home you have likely chosen wooden floors. Whether solid, engineered or laminate there are a host of natural patterns which can transform any room in the house.

Suited to most rooms, although we’d recommended avoiding the bathroom (unless laminate) there are multiple benefits to wooden flooring. Additionally to aesthetic properties, wooden flooring is hard wearing making it ideally suited for Santa dragging a sack full of presents through your home. Additionally his heavy solid, extra thick tread boots won’t scuff your floors.

Flooring For Your Home

Whether you’re looking to update your old flooring or simply fancy a change of décor the team at Rivendell are on hand to help. For more information regarding all flooring options and a variety of solutions for all budgets give us a call on 0117 963 7979 to arrange a free, no obligation home consultation.

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