It’s Time to Stop Stereotyping Vinyl

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Take a moment to imagine vinyl. What do you picture?Luxury Vinyl from Moduleo

Unfortunately the likelihood is that you conjure up images of cheap industrial style flooring. Perhaps you associate the designs and quality with old school gyms and dining halls and as a result have avoided this fantastic flooring choice as a result.

However, this is certainly no longer the case. And it’s therefore time to stop stereotyping vinyl flooring.

Manufacturers have done their homework and completed appropriate modifications to vinyl flooring so that new styles of luxury vinyl & Marmoleum are just as attractive as they are durable.

Made of high quality materials, vinyl can mimic the appearance of natural flooring materials such as wood and stone. From marble to bamboo there’s likely a vinyl tile out there to match any kind of design you are after.

The new designs, which are also eco-friendly and sustainable, are now much thicker when compared to traditional vinyl flooring. Therefore, not only are they more comfortable on foot but the extra thickness can accommodate deep textures which make the prints more realistic to the eye as well as to touch.

New Impress Range

To prove our take a look at this beautiful new range from Moduleo.

The Impress Range, as its name suggests, aims to amaze with its natural designs, colours and contours. Available in 5 new wood designs and 22 colour options this is the closest you’ll get to nature. Its new embossed finish means that it is even harder to tell the difference between the real thing and this vinyl product as you can not only see, but feel the depth of grooves, lines and knots of the wood.


Available in both traditional Dryback and easy to install click technology this Moduleo range offers the smallest details of real wood and the true beauty of nature.

Even More from Moduleo

At Rivendell, the team love Moduleo and we therefore want to introduce to you another of their fantastic ranges. The Transform range is an excellent choice for both the home and commercial environments due to great design and excellent durability.


Available in both stone and wood effect Moduleo offers both high performance and beauty with a hard-wearing top layer designed to protect against scuffs and stains as well as ensuring easy cleaning. Even more the range is both moisture resistant and anti-slip; ideal for offices and bathrooms alike.

Far Reaching Forbo Range

If you are looking for something a little different such as chic metallic or bright sparkle designs, or perhaps would prefer to stick to something a little more traditional with natural wood or stone effect vinyl, then take a look at Forbo’s new look Eternal range.

This far reaching range of designs for the Eternal general purpose vinyl collection is both fresh and vibrant whilst retaining all of its practical features. As we all know colour and patterns are hugely influential in transforming a specified area as well as withholding the ability to affect the mood and atmosphere of a single space. However the eternal collection offers an altogether different approach with its considered expressions of patterns and finishes which have been combined in a hybrid approach to add character and depth.


Highly functional and manufactured for top performance the collection offeres a new digital prints section ensuring no limitations on what can be created. Providing exceptional colour clarity and print capabilities the Eternal range offers striking new dinmesion in colour and design whilst retaining full performance fearures.

More Information and Help

If you are looking to transform a space, whether domestic or commercial, with luxury viinyl or marmoleum flooring give the team at Rivendell a call on 0117 963 9797 to arrange a convenient, no obligation home consultation.

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