Love Your Flooring This Valentine’s Day

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So you have recently chosen the flooring of your dreams, whether carpet, vinyl or hardwood, and your home looks better than ever. But how can you keep it looShow Your Floor Some Love This Valentine'sking beautiful with the inevitable foot traffic and damage from everyday living?

To ensure that your floor brings you pleasure for years to come and continues to wow all your guests we suggest it’s time to show it some love. Not just for Valentine’s, but all year round; after all beautiful flooring isn’t just for the season, it’s for life.

At Rivendell we endeavour to provide you with a range of care advice and maintenance products to ensure your flooring looks as good as the day we first laid it. So whether you have vinyl, wood or carpet look no further this Valentine’s as we help you ensure a long lasting relationship.

Care for your floors today…

…and reap the rewards tomorrow. Regular and routine care means that you can avoid any flooring disappointment and expensive repairs in the future. It really doesn’t need to take you long either. In fact, you are likely to be taking good care of them already.

The key to keeping your carpet and flooring clean is to avoid dirt and dust working their way into the material. Dust, grit and dirt can act abrasively on the flooring fibres and eventually discolour your carpet and scratch wooden floors. Simply using entrance and door matting or asking people to remove their ‘outdoor shoes’ inside can save you the hassle of deep cleaning carpets or having wooden floors sanded.

Regular vacuuming, something we are sure you already do, is vital to maintaining dirt and dust free floors. Ensuring that your vacuum is the most suitable for your type of flooring can benefit the cleaning and maintenance process even further. For example a vacuum with a cylinder cleaner is ideal for a loop pile carpet; just make sure you stick to using the suction head only. For both wooden & vinyl floors we’d suggest looking out for bristles, either on the body or attachment of the hoover, ensuring that they aren’t too hard. Many vacuum manufacturers now offer specially adapted heads or attachments to avoid scratches & other damages to your hard floors.

Ensure your Flooring Looks Great for Years to Come

Long term care of your carpet and flooring means that you can minimise the wear and tear of everyday living and ensure many years of both comfort and beauty.

Long Term Care of Your Carpet and Flooring When spills happen, believe us they will it’s inevitable, don’t panic. Instead act quickly and avoid the chance of a lasting reminder of that glass of red wine you perhaps shouldn’t have had.

Clean up spillages promptly by blot drying with soft paper or cloths; never rub the stain as this is likely to worsen the situation. Work from the outside in, scraping up any excess solids. Did you know that hardwood floors and laminates can warp under the moisture of spillages? So dealing with liquids immediately is essential in ensuring your floors stay as good as new.

Before using any chemicals on your new carpet or flooring we suggest you find a small, hidden area to test it on first. Some cleaning agents are more aggressive than others, and this way you can be certain that you won’t cause any further, unnecessary damage to your floors. You should also always apply the cleaning product to the cloth and never directly onto your carpet.

Treating wooden flooring whether solid wood or engineered boards periodically with specialist polish or oils will help to maintain the quality of the floor as well as give it additional protection against spillages or the effects of heavy traffic and even sunlight.

What about Vinyl?

Vinyl floors couldn’t be easier to care for thanks to their protective finish, water-resistant and durable properties. Clean up spillages quickly with a damp cloth or mop to prevent long lasting stains and proceed to spot clean with a concentrated neutral detergent if necessary.

Bring in “The Professionals”

For deep, thorough cleaning drafting in the professionals can ensure the restoration of your carpet to its once clean, fresh and odourless state. Investing in a professional clean every 12 months, particularly if you have pets, can drastically extend their life expectancy, ensuring that you don’t have to revisit the expensive scenario of re-carpeting your home in a few years’ time.

More Help and Advice

At Rivendell we don’t just supply and fit new flooring.

We can help you maintain the life of your existing carpets and floors with our expert help and advice on how to care for your flooring.

We can even supply all of the care and maintenance products you need or arrange for that professional carpet clean so give the team a call on 0117 963 7979.

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