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Interior Design for Small RoomsWe all have that one diminutive room somewhere in the house; whether it’s the box room, converted bedroom or small cramped kitchen.

They are generally the rooms that accumulate the most clutter, leave us feeling a bit cramped and therefore the ones we dread to decorate the most.

However, with a few simple interior decorating tips to enhance the illusion of space these rooms can be a functional and appealing space.

Our latest blog includes our favourite tips to make your small space look more multi-functional and welcoming.

Natural Light

Natural light has so many benefits. Not only do the rays have mood lifting properties, but they can completely open up a room making it feel more spacious. This free, yet small, addition can make a substantial change to the room’s aesthetics.

Despite the urge to allow as much natural light in as possible you will unlikely want to forgo curtains or some other kind of window dressing. These statement pieces not only look great but provide practical benefits such as privacy.

To get the most from natural light you might want to opt for sheer curtains which still allow in light whilst providing a degree of privacy. Alternatively, ‘bottom up’ or reverse blinds which work by rolling up from the bottom of the window and can be stopped at any desired point. They are an excellent choice when you want privacy without blocking out light.

Hanging curtains high makes a room look more spacious creating the look of a full length window. The sleek elongation of the curtains draws your eye upward along the entire length creating the illusion of height. It is recommended you hang the curtain rail 4 inches above the window to get the right effect.

Cut the Clutter

De-cluttering doesn’t have to be a dreaded job, just apply one simple rule: If it’s broken or hasn’t been used in the last year, it has to go.

Invest in some simple boxes which slide neatly under a bed and other furniture or use decorative storage boxes that are not only practical but add to the overall decor when used on the top of wardrobes or other shelving.   A simple online search for space saving furniture or storage solutions will help you declutter with ease. In a small room we’d also suggest decluttering your walls; keep your photo frames to one feature wall or invest in a single larger piece giving a cleaner feel to the remaining surfaces.

Interior Design for Small RoomsFlawless Flooring

There are a number of flooring ‘tricks’ which can enhance the impression of space in any room. When looking to purchase Wooden Flooring use planks instead of strips. Planks, particularly wide options, mean there are fewer seams and subsequently create a more open pattern that looks less confining.

It is often a misconception that you should avoid dark floors as they restrict the sense of space. However paired with the right wall colour, darker floors can make a room look bigger.

Take a look at our latest case study showing how we used a vertical stripe carpet to elongate the staircase at Grove Lodge.

Considering luxury vinyl? Choose larger tiles when selecting your new floors as this increases the appearance of more square footage.

When it comes to flooring and space consistency is the key. Join adjacent rooms with the same type of flooring material to enhance the illusion of more space. If you do need to change materials then simply stay within the same colour spectrum.

Another tip is a clear floor. Try to use furniture with legs on them so you can see the flooring underneath. This makes the room appear larger as you’ll be exposing as much floor as possible.

If you don’t have the budget to totally replace your flooring, why not try a light coloured rug under a piece of furniture?

Pastel Palette Pastel Colours Enhance Light

Many people know about this trick, but does anyone know why? Neutral colours such as whites and light creams give the impression that the wall is further away than it actually is.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Adding a mirror to the wall adds depth and gives the appearance of a larger room. It will reflect both natural and artificial light to make the room brighter during the day and night. Large mirrors make a great focal point but, be careful not to overwhelm the room with a large mirror as well as lots of wall decorations; choose one of the other.

Multi-Functional Furniture

There are an abundance of space saving products on the market ideal for rooms with limited space. Quite simply a well-designed piece of furniture can not only look great but can enhance the illusion of space. From under the stair storage and stair drawers to hollow chairs and sofa bunk beds the options are limitless.

This means not only will the room look bigger but it can be converted into a practical multi-functional space, perfect for smaller homes.

More Help and Information

Here at Rivendell we have a wide selection of carpets, vinyl and wooden floors to transform your home. If you are struggling to find the right flooring for a smaller space, give us a call on 0117 963 7979 to arrange a free, no obligation home consultation.

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