New Flooring for Leaders Ahead of the Election*

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It’s General Election fever this week and we can’t resist wondering about the flooring preferences of the 3 main party leaders. *In any event, if they did use our free home consultation service, here’s what we might recommend….

The Camerons

Cormar for The Camerons

We don’t think we’d be far off suggesting a plush, deep carpet that they can sink their tired feet into at the end of a long, hard day. Probably a high end, quality velvet feel. Something from Cormar would be a winner.

The Cleggs

Woodpecker for The Cleggs

The Cleggs chose to stay in their Putney home and in large rooms real wood flooring comes into its own especially in a lovely large hallway. This example by Woodpecker fits the bill nicely.

The Milibands

Marmoleum for The Milibands

For Ed’s recent kitchen makeover we’d have recommended a durable vinyl such as Marmoleum. Water resistant, stain proof and in a safe colour like slate grey.

What do you think?

Happy Voting

Mandy and the Team

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