Our Top Interior Trend Spots for 2017

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Happy New Year Trends for 2017Whether you’re choosing to make resolutions to adopt a healthier lifestyle, take more time to yourself, or reinvent your wardrobe, the New Year brings with it the opportunity for a great deal of change.

So, as Big Ben chimes in and the uncertain chorus of Auld Lang Syne is sung, why not vow to refresh, revamp, and make over your home in 2017?

And, just as we do every year, the Rivendell team will continue to supply and fit the highest quality of flooring. So why not take a look at our biggest trend spots for the new year and make yours a resolution that we can help complete. Read more below:


With a world transfixed to LED screens, it seems that people will look to surround themselves with objects that ground a space and bring them back to nature in 2017. And, this is a theme that we are certainly keen to embrace.

Raw and unfinished woods, natural fabrics like wool and reusing, repurposing, and upcycling items look to play a large part in bringing this concept together. Be creative and inventive with your available use of space and introduce such textures with an extended window seat, a reading nook, or transform the cupboard under the stairs. The key here is to dedicate a space in your home to serve as a getaway.

But what about your flooring? Well, why not consider naturally inspired flooring that reminds you of time spent admiring the outdoors? Both sustainable and beautiful, these Woodpecker floors below highlight natural grain pattern, colour variations, and knots.

harlech-antique-oak-engineered-wood-pecker Supplier Woodpecker Flooring oxwich-natural-stranf-bamboo-woodpecker

Return of the Cork

Yes, you heard us right, cork is making a comeback – if it ever was in fashion.

2016 saw the trend of natural materials within the home sky rocket and the fad is certainly here to stay. And, perhaps to your surprise we’re talking about the same kind of cork you have your shopping list pinned to.

Not only are there a number practical benefits, but used against a monochrome colour pallet, cork adds an extra layer of texture and interest as well as ensuring an unique feature in your home.

Predictions suggest that consumers will begin experimenting with this material in every aspect of their home, from furniture and accessories, to walls and lighting. But what about flooring?

Cork is a great flooring choice for most rooms. With the ability to absorb noise and hold the same temperature throughout all seasons, cork is very forgiving meaning you don’t need to worry about scratches you may accumulate throughout the year. In addition the material is resistant to dust and toxins and as such is an ideal choice to ward off allergies.

Under the Sea

Say goodbye to navy and midnight blues as interior trend predictions for 2017 use a natural pallet of emerald greens, dusty blues and pearly whites.

Whilst a nautical theme – particularly in bathrooms – is always a hit, a subtle aquatic pallet will bring  serenity and a ‘breath of fresh air’. The pale hues contoured with richer colours and dark metals create a serene atmosphere.

Take a look at the below selection from Amtico that would perfectly compliment some calm, under the sea themed colour pallets:

amtico-fragment-nova amtico-composite-calcium amtico-umbra-dusk

Need Help Choosing?

Particularly when revamping an entire room, we understand the importance of getting the best quality floor possible to not only bring out the aesthetics of the whole room, but to be durable and fit for purpose. Our experts are here on hand to help you make sure you get the best out of your living space.

We recognise the importance of creating the wow-factor for visitors, alongside a homely feeling for the family. Give our team a call on 0117 963 7979 for a no obligation consultation.

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