Why Are So Many People Turning To Artificial Grass?

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This month our MD Mandy got her hands on some fantastic samples of artificial grass. And we love it.

Fake Grass for Your Home & Garden

With our unreliable British weather, gardens across the nation often end up as a boggy mess or dry and yellow; neither situation is desirable. So whether you want to cheer up your own home or lay down an entire football pitch for your local team, artificial grass is an excellent solution on so many levels.

Here in our latest blog we’re going to explain the benefits of this ever popular concept and why you should love it as much as we do.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass, typically made from polyethylene. Traditionally it is used in areas for sport, such as football pitches, as well as residential gardens. However, the product is becoming increasingly more common in commercial markets; you’re bound to see it popping up in shopping centres and playgrounds near you.

Artificial Grass for Indoor Living

Artificial grass is an increasingly popular investment for living spaces, lounges, children’s bedrooms and office spaces. In fact, the latest interior trends are seeing artificial grass installed as temporary or permanent carpets, rugs, walls and in some cases even furniture. Many companies are also choosing to use it for recreational and “chill out” spaces, whilst children’s bedrooms are themed with this outdoor effect too. One thing we know for sure is that artificial grass is a fantastic way to introduce fun and interest into an area.

Let’s Save You Some Money

That’s right, installing artificial grass can save you money. And your time.

We understand that some people may not wish to bring nature into their home; it’s not for everyone. But the benefits for outdoor areas like your garden certainly outweigh any doubt you may have had in the first place.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. You’ll no longer have to cut the grass or crawl around digging up weeds from your lawn. You can finally say goodbye to buying countless gardening tools, fertilisers and pesticides with a garden that doesn’t actually grow. Apart from a little bit of light cleaning you can say goodbye to dull garden chores. We also waste a great deal of water on our gardens every year, but artificial grass will remain luscious and green whatever the weather.

With the sight of a muddy garden only but a distant memory you’ll no longer have to worry about cleaning footprints or paw marks from your floors every day. Think of all that extra time you’ll have on your hands too.

Do Your Bit For The Environment

Not only is artificial grass ideal for all your landscaping needs as it’s both aesthetically pleasing and durable but it’s great for the environment too.

In the same ways you save money, you’ll save our little planet too. Since you don’t have to water the grass, which will remain natural and green all year round, they’ll be no more pressure on restricting water usage either. Additionally you won’t have to worry about future hose pipe bans which could destroy a natural lawn.

If you own a petrol driven lawn mower you’ll no longer be contributing to global warming with weekly carbon emissions. Nor will you be subjected to many chemicals in the form of fertilisers and pesticides.

An Unexpected Benefit

You may not have thought this the case with artificial grass, but it is certainly a much safer option. Yes safe.

Whether on a football pitch, tennis court, or in your own garden, this durable product will not be affected by the rain and subsequently turn into a mud bath. Wet grass with lots of activity from children and dogs can quickly get torn up and turned into vast slippery areas resulting in uneven surfaces and twisted ankles.

More Help and Information

If you’d like to see some sample of artificial grass, as well as a further selection of carpet, vinyl and wooden floors give us a call on 0117 963 7979 to arrange a free, no obligation Home Consultation.

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