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Jacaranda Carpets provide ethically and environmentally friendly products that don’t compromise on style, performance, choice of colour or durability. Rivendell is a Jacaranda Approved Retailer which means that our team have access to the full range of flooring and regular training days with the supplier.

We particularly love the TENCEL rugs and carpets that fit well with our own commitment to sustainability, as well as quality and variety of choice for our customers.

We are delighted to now supply the full range of Jacaranda’s rugs and carpets made from TENCEL, a branded lyocell fibre made from wood pulp that’s sourced exclusively from sustainable forests.

Find out more about this stunning range of environmentally friendly carpets and rugs, the benefits of TENCEL and the beauty of incorporating sustainability into your design.


TENCEL is a botanic fibre manufactured by Lenzing, an Austrian company that manufactures textiles and fibres with a focus on sustainability. TENCEL is the company’s flagship brand for textiles, being used for a number of different applications including clothing, sportswear and carpeting.

What Are The Benefits of Rugs and Carpets made from TENCEL?

Jacaranda’s extensive range of carpets and rugs made using TENCEL include Simla, Santushti, Sikkim, Satara and Agra. Some of the key benefits of these rugs and carpets include:

Sustainability – Sustainability is one of the most desirable features of these stunning carpets and rugs. As well as being sourced exclusively from sustainable forests, 99.8% of the solvents used to convert wood pulp into the TENCEL are recycled and reused again.

The production process of TENCEL is in fact so sustainable that Leznig were presented with a technology award for sustainable development by the European Commision, owing to very low emissions during production.

High Performance – Choosing a product that’s sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on performance. In fact, Jacaranda’s TENCEL range of carpets and rugs are superior to their viscose counterparts.  Features include:

  • Hard wearing, with a heavy domestic class rating of 23.
  • High colour-fastness to light rating, meaning colours will stay looking vibrant for longer.
  • Durable to water spillage, with a BS EN15115 score of 4, meaning very minimal change in texture when exposed to water.
  • Can be cleaned professionally – cold, wet or dry cleaned.

Breathability – Being such a smooth and fine fibre, TENCEL promotes breathability. A Jacaranda rug or carpet from Rivendell will give your room a new lease of life, absorbing and releasing moisture to promote cleaner, more breathable air. It’s this property that makes TENCEL so sought after for sportswear products.

Moth Resistant – Rugs and carpets made from TENCEL are naturally moth resistant. Furthermore, all carpets and rugs are treated to deter any insects and moths.

Range of Styles – With all the great features of TENCEL, you can rest assured they are put to good use by Jacaranda. With a huge range of stunning and vibrant styles, colours and textures, your designs can be as bold and vibrant as your imagination.

What Areas are Best Suited to a Carpet or Rug?

At Rivendell, we love the use of rugs to bring rooms to life. Whether it’s to create zones to define a prominent feature of your room, compliment your existing flooring or become the centrepiece of your room. When it comes to carpeting, it’s the comfy, soft and warm feel underfoot that we crave. Here are a few areas that you might consider when choosing where is best to fit a rug or carpet:

  • Office break out space – Consider exploring the use of relaxing tones and textures to create a relaxing and tranquil environment.
  • Boardroom – Use a colourful and vibrant rug to define the seating area of your boardroom.
  • Bedroom – Forget your slippers, there is nothing comfier underfoot than a gorgeous carpet or rug.
  • Living Room – Living rooms are the perfect place to relax and unwind, so it’s no wonder carpets are such a popular flooring choice here. If you’ve got wooden floors on account of a furry friend, use a rug instead.
  • Seasonal Space – The beauty of rugs is that they are not bound in the way traditional flooring is. Update your rug with the changing seasons to add a seasonal feel to any room.

We should mention that these rugs and carpets can suffer in areas of heavy traffic, so we recommend considering more robust flooring such as carpet tiles or entrance matting in places like reception and external door areas.

Beautiful Carpets and Rugs For Your Home

We hope you love these sustainable carpets and rugs as much as we do. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration or need a hand with your next project, we can help. Why not get in touch with one of our flooring experts today on 0117 963 7979 or fill out a contact form and arrange a time to pop into our studio and see samples of Jacaranda rugs and carpets. 

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