The importance of safety flooring in commercial environments

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When it comes to choosing flooring for commercial, leisure, manufacturing, and healthcare environments, safety should be a top priority. Safety flooring offers a range of benefits, including slip resistance, easy maintenance and stylish design options.

The need for safety flooring

Commercial areas, such as retail stores, leisure centres, and manufacturing sites, require flooring that ensures the safety of employees and customers.

Safety flooring is designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls, making it ideal for environments where the hazard is increased.

Key Benefits of Safety Flooring

Slip Resistant: safety flooring comes with different slip ratings, allowing you to choose the level of slip resistance that matches the specific purpose of the area. Higher slip ratings are more suitable for damper environments such as swimming pools and saunas.

Easy to clean: Safety flooring is incredibly easy to clean, as well as being resistant to staining and germ resistant, which ensures a hygienic environment.

Bacterial Resistant: As mentioned above, safety flooring is bacterial resistant, making it ideal for use in healthcare and food use areas where it is crucial to maintain a sterile and safe environment.

Types of Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is typically made from vinyl, with additional grit for enhanced slip resistance.

Designs vary from stone and wood effect, to marbling, allowing you to choose a flooring style that matches the aesthetic of your space.

Health and Safety Standards

Safety flooring should meet a minimum slip resistance rating of R10, which is a health and safety standard to ensure the well-being of individuals in the workplace.

By investing in the correct type of safety flooring, you can meet the specific needs of your environment while prioritising the safety of users.

Fast Installation

In healthcare settings, where refurbishments or maintenance need to be completed within a limited time-frame, fast installation of safety flooring is essential.

Choosing a flooring solution that offers a quick and efficient installation process can minimize disruption and ensure the continuous operation of healthcare facilities.

Safety flooring is an essential component of commercial environments, providing protection against slips and falls while maintaining a hygienic and stylish space. By investing in the right type of safety flooring and considering the fast installation options, businesses can prioritise the safety and well-being of their customers and employees.

At Rivendell our team have a wealth of experience in laying safety flooring, on spec in within short time frames.  We work with tried and trusted brands such as Altro and Polyflor. Head over to our cases studies to have a look at our recent primary school and New Work Trust safety floor projects.

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