Our Top Bathroom Trends Predicted to Make a Splash

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hands framing custom bathroom design. Combination drawing and photo.If you’re planning on completely redesigning your bathroom or simply giving it a bit of a refresh feast your eyes on the latest trends to show their face in our bathrooms.

The modern and minimal designs that have been favoured for years before are classic looks that we’ll continue to be graced with.

However, interior design trends predict that home owners will be looking to interject personality into these spaces. Whether with texture, colour or quirky accessories there is a multitude of design options.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve pulled together our favourite emerging trends. Have a read below:

Bathe Your Space in Colour

Grey can work beautifully with a whole variety of shades and hues and contrary to many, doesn’t have to be dreary and dull.

Combine with moodier shades of indigo, denim blue, and black to create a tranquil, elegant, or dynamic atmosphere in your bathroom.

Fish Scale Tiles

In our New Year Trends blog post we predicted the rise of a natural pallet of emerald greens, dusty blues, and pearly whites in an “Under the Sea” theme take over.

In line with this theme we’ve spotted a fun variation on the popular subway tiles that still maintains a fresh vibe. Pair blue pastel tiles with gold cabinetry for a glam look. Or go more modern with pale hues contoured with richer colours and dark metals to create a serene atmosphere.


Serious bathroom envy 😍 Would you choose a bold colour like this or more subtle grey fish scale tiles? Image from @mercurymosaics 💗

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Free Standing Vanities

Not only does a free-standing vanity give you more options style-wise but it’s a fun way to incorporate personality into your bathroom.

Why not look out for a beautiful vintage find that you could upcycle.

Bringing Back Black

Another notable trend for 2017 is black chrome, or matt black fixtures, taps, and showers.

Make sure to indulge in this trend and make it bit of a centrepiece with the rest of the bathroom by simply pairing with a neutral colour palette and touches of concrete and metal.

Upsizing Tiles

Our next trend spot is rising in popularity not only for it aesthetic qualities but in terms of the ease of cleaning. In addition with less grout the effect appears to be a lot smoother and sleeker.

Particularly favourable in wet rooms they lend a spacious, flowing and open look to a room. They are unfussy and suit contemporary spaces down to the ground. And if done right can provide a timeless, classic elegance to more traditional homes.

Marble Makes a Return

If nothing else, marble says luxury and glamour like few other materials. Whilst hard-wearing and versatile it is important that you source the right marble for your bathroom as the texture, cut and thickness can have dramatic effects on the mood of the room.

As a lavish choice, you may not want to deck all of your walls and floors in marble. But you can jump on this trend and purchase a selection of marble accessories from toothbrush holders to plant pots. The effect will be as equally stunning.

Playful, Colourful Tiles

Mediterranean motifs are sure to be on everyone’s wish list this year. Whether intricate, Moroccan inspired designs or modern geometric shapes that have a certain “been here forever” rustic charm.

Whether you opt for the floors or the walls, a pop of colour in a place least expected is a delightful and playful tough. Be sure to keep the rest of your space relatively neutral and allow your tiles to take centre stage.


This bathroom shows how to do big style on a small budget don’t you think? #bathroomdecor #moroccantiles #bathtub #boho @apartmenttherapy

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Is it Time to Revamp your Bathroom?

If you’re feeling inspired by our selection of our favourite trend spots, but not sure where to start Rivendell can help.

We understand the importance of getting the best quality floor to not only bring out the aesthetics of the whole room but to ensure that they are for for purpose in your bathroom.

Recognising the importance of creating the wow-factor, our experts are here on hand to help you redesign your home. Give us a call on 0117 963 7979 for a no obligation consultation.


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